About NEWE

The mission of New England Working Equitation (NEWE) is to promote Working Equitation by organizing clinics, demonstrations, and competitions throughout New England and to educate the equestrian community of the benefits of the growing sport for training horses and riders.


New England Working Equitation (NEWE) was founded after Vermonter’s Kat Waters and Stephanie Hayes met at a Working Equitation show in New Jersey. Seeing the immense benefits of the training for both horse and rider led them to set out on a mission to promote the sport in the New England region of the United States where it is still relatively unheard of.


 NEWE is hopeful that by promoting this growing sport by organizing clinics, demonstrations, and educating the horse community of the definition and benefits of Working Equitation, that more riders and owners will be inspired to be involved in the sport. NEWE is an Affiliate Organization of the national governing organization.  USA WE.  www.usawe.org