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What obstacles do I need to practice WE? 

You don't need to invest a lot of time and money to make obstacles for Working Equitation. Many of the obstacles for Ease of Handling can be varied to make other obstacles.  Get creative! 

Some examples:

Cavaletti or Jumping Poles for the "Sidepass", the "L", the "Corridor", "Livestock Pen"

Barrels or Trash cans for the "Figure 8", "Drums", "Jug"

Cones or Bending Poles for the "Slalom", "Double Slalom", "Figure 8", "Drums"

Jump standards can be affixed with a bell, or apply velcro to a diving ring for "Spearing the Ring", a rope can be tied to one standard and looped around another for the "Gate".

Print out a copy of the Obstacles Appendix from the rules page on and  you can begin to set up your own obstacles. Don't forget to bring a measuring tape out to your riding area. 

Check out our Calendar for upcoming clinics where you and your horse can try out other farm's obstacles. Even within the regulations there is great variety in the obstacles themselves. It's good to familiarize your horse with variations.

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