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Ease of Handling

The second phase in a Working Equitation competition is the Ease of Handling and is truly the trademark of the sport. In this phase there are usually between 8-15 of the Confederation approved obstacles marked in the order they are to be completed. The rider chooses how to go from one obstacle to the next in their level's prescribed gait, as you would a jumper course. The course is judged by the same one to five judges that judged the dressage phase and they give a score from 0-10 for each obstacle and the collective marks. The scores are calculated and presented as percentage score.

The Obstacles:

  1. Bridge

  2. Figure 8

  3. Pen

  4. Jug

  5. Remove Pole

  6. Switch Cup

  7. Bell Corridor

  8. Reinback "L"

  9. Rounding Posts

  10. Single Slalom

  11. Double Slalom

  12. Gate

  13. Jump

  14. Sidepass Rail

  15. Water

  16. Bank

  17. Drums

  18. Drag Item

  19. Move Sack

  20. Varied Footing

  21. Herding Cattle

The range:

Level One, Introductory is Walk/Trot

Level Two, Novice A adds cantering between obstacles

Level Three, Novice B adds cantering in obstacles with changes of leads though trot

Level Four, Intermediate A adds simple lead changes

Level Five, Intermediate B adds flying lead changes

Level Six, Advanced & Level Seven, Master's are ridden one-handed

EOH Level 1.png
EOH Masters.png
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