Getting involved with Working Equitation in New England without a horse

Not everyone who is excited about Working Equitation is excited about competing and may not be in a position to ride. There are many ways that you can get involved in the fun and exciting and inclusive sport with stepping a foot in the stirrups. We need knowledgeable volunteers for all our events.


Here are some examples of volunteer positions:

  • Show Manager

  • Show Secretary

  • Ring Crew

  • Paddock Steward

  • Scorer

  • Announcer

  • Parking

  • Provisional Technical Delegate*

The US rules stipulate that a minimum of a Provisional Technical Delegate must officiate B rated shows. A Provisional TD is a volunteer position and recognition must be renewed annually.


We are aiming to host 6 B rated shows in New England this summer so we are seeking individuals willing to take the steps to become a USAWE Provisional Technical Delegate:

  1. Be a USAWE member

  2. Take and pass the open-book US Rules Test with a score of 90%+

  3. Sign and return the Provisional Technical Delegate Responsibilities Statement 

  4. Sign and return the Provisional Technical Delegate Code of Ethics Agreement

Send an email to if you are interested in serving in any of these positions.